Growing Your Business Together

Turner Business Advocacy has improved the profitability and market share of corporations, business enterprises and Tribally-owned enterprises.

About Turner Business Advocacy

Turner Business Advocacy helps grow your business through teamwork.
We provide a wide array of consultation services to benefit your internal organization and guide your success.

Our Focus Areas

Project Management

Turner Business Advocacy can assist with project development, planning, coordinating, logistics and executing projects within specific timelines and constraints.

Organizational Planning

Organizational Planning doesn’t have to be the long, arduous and often boring process that it once was.

Business Development

All organizations go through stages of business development, growth and lifecycle. There is the typical development stage, expansion stage and finally a maturity and exit stage.

Training & Development

Training & Development is an area often overlooked in many organizations. Recent surveys show that 42% of employees say training and development is a key factor in deciding where to work.

Innovative Marketing

Turner Business Advocacy has been partnered with top tier media teams throughout the United States for over 10 years.

Tribal Consulting

Tribal Business Advocacy is a professional services firm specializing in assisting Native American Tribes and tribally owned economic development corporations.


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