Organizational Planning

Organizational Planning doesn’t have to be the long, arduous and often boring process that it once was.

Why waste precious time, money and valuable resources on creating a collection of planning binders that will never get used once the planning process is complete?

Turner Business Advocacy - Organizational Planning


In many organizations, this process needs to be completed and re-evaluated every few years, as most organizations tend to change over time. Changes due to market demands, company acquisitions, organizational structure, as well as other factors, will all affect the overall corporate plan.

Mission & Vision Statement

Why are Mission and Vision Statements Important?

Mission Statements define what an organization does, its objectives, and steps to reach those objectives.


Vision Statements define what an organization aspires to achieve or accomplish in the future and acts as a guide to determining future actions.

Turner Business Advocacy - Mission
Turner Business Advocacy - Mission Vision Experience

TBA is experienced in assisting organizations with creating Mission and Vision Statements.

Turner Business Advocacy - Mission Vision Refine

TBA assists in refining existing statements, if the current ones don’t serve the organization’s needs.

Turner Business Advocacy - Vision Sesh

TBA can facilitate a fast and productive development session devoted to creating your Mission and Vision Statements.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is essential to an organization, as it provides a sense of direction, defines goals and measures progress.

Outcomes of Strategic Planning:

  • Sets Priorities
  • Provides Direction
  • Focuses Energy and Resources
  • Strengthens Operations
  • Ensures that Stakeholders, Managers, and Staff are working toward common goals
  • Establishes Benchmarks and Measurements for Success

Do you want to grow your organization? Do you want to achieve your goals and have motivated managers and staff? Do you want your staff to be productive and clearly understand their goals and objectives?

Grow and Learn with TBA

TBA can facilitate fun and productive strategic planning sessions and get your organization refocused and motivated to succeed.

TBA specializes in the following aspects of strategic planning:

  • Short-term and Long-term Goal Setting
  • Resource Allocation
  • Employee Participation & Buy-In
  • Fun & Interactive Sessions
  • Measurements to Determine Success
  • Results-Oriented Outcomes
  • Useful & Meaningful Plans

Discuss your strategic planning needs with TBA today. TBA can facilitate a variety of different strategic planning sessions or a strategic planning retreat to fit your needs and budget.

Succession Planning

Succession planning assists with identifying and developing future leaders at your organization.

Succession plans prepare a business for the changes that occur when:

  • Employees retire
  • Key employees resign or are terminated
  • Employees take FMLA
  • Owners or C-Suite/Executives Staff face unforeseen circumstances

Being proactive when it comes to succession planning is essential for an organization’s continued success.

Why is Succession Planning Important?

  • To create a safety net and prevent disruptions to productivity
  • Alleviate stress and worry when key staff are suddenly removed
  • It takes time to find and prepare an employee to take on new roles or advance to a higher position

How many times have you heard of an organization where the owner or president/CEO suddenly passes away or is removed from their position and there is no real plan for someone to take the reigns?

Plant the Seed and Prepare Now with TBA

TBA can visit your organization and assist with the following:

  • Identifying employees that have the skill set, potential and drive to advance within the organization.
  • Developing organizational charts and accompanying employee responsibilities.
  • Coaching employees to prepare them for advancement and leadership opportunities.