Training & Development

Training & Development is an area often overlooked in many organizations. 

Recent surveys show that 42% of employees say training and development is a key factor in deciding where to work. 

Other surveys show that offering training and development opportunities would keep 86% of the millennials from leaving their current positions.

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Don’t Allow Your Organization to Fall Into This Category!

Employee engagement is critical to an organization’s success

  • According to a recent Gallup poll, 70% of the U.S workforce is unengaged.
  • For a company with 100 employees that suggests 70 employees are not engaged.
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What’s Lacking?


Do your employees and current leaders know that they have an opportunity to move up within the organization? Do they have a customized development plan?

Leadership Programs – Developing leaders and having a pipeline of up-and-coming leaders is essential for succession planning, the overall health of the organization, employee satisfaction, and productivity. Existing leaders often don’t have the time, resources, and proper training to develop these programs. Studies have also shown that employees will exhibit better attention and retention of new information learned, if it comes from an external source.

TBA can:

  • Create customized leadership programs for your organization
  • Analyze what is working and what isn’t working within the organization
  • Develop a complete program that compliments your organization’s current goals and objectives
  • Train existing leaders, supervisors, and executive staff on the new programs

Board of Directors Training & Retreats – Board of Directors are often left out of organizational leadership training and coaching. Board of Directors are often appointed to assist with the overall vision and serve as the face of an organization. More often than not, Board Members are appointed and then left to fit in with other Board Members and learn the organization on their own.  Board Members often don’t receive a proper on-boarding to the organization.

TBA can:

  • Customize Board of Directors Training and Retreats
  • Fit your organization’s needs and budget
  • Facilitate fun, informational, and useful training and retreats
  • Create annual Board Retreats as a way to ensure Board Members stay aligned with current goals
  • Structure dedicated time to evaluate current goals and establish new goals

Team Communication – Team communication is critical to an organization’s success. Positive team communication flow can increase productivity, workplace satisfaction, and create a healthy work environment. Negative team communication can lead to costly errors, workplace hostility, a significant decrease in employee productivity, and other adverse situations.

TBA can:

  • Increase team communication by facilitating half-day or one-day training sessions aimed at teaching team members to communicate in a more positive manner
  • Provide team members the time and space to bond with each other, thus increasing positive communication and productivity

Leadership Development & Coaching

Developing leaders is important for any size organization.

Without true leaders, the organization will likely fail. Many organizations have leaders that are responsible for developing the talent within their organization or department. While many leaders acknowledge the importance of developing talent, few actually deliver the coaching and training on a scale that is necessary to develop their people.

Studies show that as leaders move up 3rd the organizational ladder, their ability to develop others decreases.

Leaders who recognize the importance of nurturing leadership among talented employees often don’t have:

  • Time required for meaningful leadership development
  • Resources and strategies available to them
  • Complete understanding of the organization

Let TBA assist your organization with leadership development and coaching.