Business Development

All organizations go through stages of business development, growth and lifecycle. 

There is the typical development stage, the official start-up stage, growth stage, expansion stage and finally a maturity and exit stage.

Turner Business Advocacy - Business Development

As an organization progresses to different stages, the approaches to business development need to change.

  • Obtaining work
  • Branding
  • Managing cash flow
  • Finding sales opportunities
  • Monitoring growth
  • Managing growth
  • Be aware of competition
  • Planning expansion carefully
  • Seeking new markets
  • Capturing a larger market share
  • Adding new products or services
  • Adding key staff to handle growth
Turner Business Advocacy - Small Business Lifecycle

Growth Strategies

Organizations in the growth and expansion stage need to:

  • Be aware of the competition
  • Seek out new markets
  • Capture a larger market share
  • Develop and add new products or services
  • Plan expansion carefully

Every organization runs the risk of overlooking the competition, expanding too rapidly and failing to grab an easy market share by not focusing on new products and services. We have the insights and big picture to assist your organization with planning that will translate into results.

Turner Business Advocacy - Growth Strategies

Does your organization have a strategic business development plan?

If so, has the plan been shared with all employees in your organization?

Do your employees understand the plan, and do you have their buy-in?

Don’t allow your organization to become stale. What worked in the past may not always be an effective strategy.

TBA can assist your organization by:

  • Creating a fresh business development plan that focuses on current industry trends, identifies areas for new market growth and expansion.
  • Ensuring your business development plan doesn’t conflict with other organizational documents and aligns with your organizational short/long term goals.
  • Assisting with selecting new technology and incorporating technology into all aspects of the organization.

Areas of Opportunity and Expansion

Every organization has areas of opportunity in which it could expand into, gain more market share, expand its customer base and increase revenues. Knowing where opportunities exist and how best to capitalize on them is the key.

Your organization’s expansion can be very positive and profitable, if the following aspects are planned out carefully:

  • Timelines
  • Staffing Levels
  • Employee Training
  • New Technology
  • Automation
  • Cash Flow
  • Client Expectations

TBA Can Assist with Expansion Plans. Don’t Expand Without a Plan!

Let TBA assist with:

  • Developing expansion plans in concert with your expectations and goals.
  • Ensuring timelines, staffing, training, technology, and cash flow are all considered.
  • Analyzing where your organization is currently at, identifying areas of opportunity and defining your target market.